UK essays’ is based in the UK and ranked among the leading assignment help services. The company falls under the brand name ALL ANSWERS LIMITED and has 4 Directors namely Mr. Christopher Melville, MR Barclay James Stuart Littlewood, Mr. Tony Eynon, and Mrs. Sarah Freeman. The company is based in the UK and performs most of its operations from the UK. It was established in 2003 and has over 500 experts who run the operation. Well renowned for the high-quality assignments delivered, this assignment writing service, we have identified major pros and cons linked to the business which each student must know before placing orders with UK essays.

Choice of 500 Experts from the UK
UK essays have put in a huge effort towards maintaining the highest quality parameters by limiting its operations to just 500 experts. This means the organization does not take too many orders thus allowing the experts to focus more on the quality being delivered. But this also results in placing students at risk of being associated with academic misconduct. This is due to most students seeking assignment help being poor and average students in their education but having perfect assignments raises questions linked to their authenticity. By retaining only experts who proper perfect assignments, UK essays is focused only towards assisting native English speakers and candidates who already score very high grades and not average or poor students.

Price students need to Pay
UK essays are well known for delivering exceptional assignment quality but this also comes at a price. With their per page price ranging between $75-100 for undergraduate assignments, they are out of reach of most scholars budgets. UK essays clients, therefore, come from the mid and higher income group students. For this reason, UK Essays has been classified as a rich man’s service which never takes the common man into consideration.

Flexible quality parameters
While performing our review, the most alarming concern linked to UK Essays was the flexible quality to price policy they offer students. Higher assignment rates attract higher quality and grades whereas lower prices deliver lower grades. This is a serious quality breach by UK essays since it indicates the brand only poses to deliver the best quality but actually is willing to bend the rules and deliver lower quality assignments at lower prices. We undertook an experiment to determine the difference in quality by placing a low quality cheaper assignment. Once completed and we had the copy, we rejected the assignment and asked for the best expert to prepare a fresh assignment. We were charged double the fee but the most surprising factor was that they simply edited the low-quality assignment and resent it to us. this would be the last nail in the coffin confirming UK essays actually does not focus on quality and only inflate their prices to mislead students to considering they deliver high quality and are a top brand. The inflated product price brand value strategy has been used by several companies to target consumers with surplus finances by posing to retain a high brand value.

Not international student friendly
If you are from the assignment writing industry, you will know that the majority of students seeking assignment help are international students from the UAE, Asia, and Africa. Most of them are not native English speakers, which makes it imperative that their assignments are prepared by experts who match their language to avoid attracting academic misconduct. UK essays do not provide this privilege to the students and assignments are prepared by native English speakers. Many students report this to be the reason they were associated with academic misconduct since the language and writing style used on the assignments totally mismatches the student’s style and level. UK Essays is therefore not international student friendly and only preferable for Native English students.

Hidden Costs
Don’t expect revisions to be done by UK essays for free, and you are likely to be slapped with a billed demanding additional payment for the revisions and corrections. Availing any additional service is likely to lead to the assignment prices further increasing well above most other assignment writing services that deliver the same or even better quality.

Great support
While we have identified some major concerns linked to UK essays services, there are certain points which also attract considerable attention and must be credited in favor of the service. Similar to most major assignment preparation brands, UK essays are among the leaders with regards to offering high-quality customer support. With multiple communication media including Skype, students can contact UK essays 24/7 and get support regarding the assignment. Instant support is critical towards any student’s success as it enhances communication between the stakeholders thus boosting grades.

What we found
A Combination of our research, investigations and student feedback has revealed the UK Essays assignment quality is determined by the price paid for assignments. Higher prices result in higher assignment quality. Major concerns linked to the assignment include very high prices, assignment prepared by native English speakers, a flexible quality which indicated a lack of emphasis on quality and the hidden costs associated with UK Essays. With these points highlighted, students are requested to remain wary while placing an order as the quality may miss-match your own, leading to quality issues. Only students with fluent English are advised to place orders with UK Essays.