Studybay claims to be based in the USA but our research and investigations fail to establish the organization’s definite location raising question linked to its service delivery. With our investigations revealing study bay to be the daughter company of Edutech limited which also claims to be from the USA, the majority of the traffic leading to the website comes from Kenya, raising serious suspicion linked to the websites main access point and optimization hub. Naturally, websites rank the highest in nations that target their clients thus referring study bay has direct links in Kenya where 50% of its traffic is generated as well as the country which retains the websites highest web ranking. The website also lacks any about us neither the page nor background information linked to its proprietors, managers, and staff which further results in raising suspicion related to its operations.

Study Bay Experts, back ground and management
With little background information linked to Study bay, we attempted to contact the admin regarding the company’s background, location, and directors via their chat portal. The connection was attended to after a five-minute wait than we requested for the company’s background. The attendant did not understand the query and responded incorrectly to our question and sent us an assignment order placement link. There was neither interaction nor questions asked regarding the type of neither assignment nor any queries raised regarding the deadline. With the majority of traffic being generated from Kenya, we went on to ask if the company was based in Kenya and yet again the attendant was unable to deliver a satisfactory answer by responding as follows, “our company does not have permanent experts and relies on freelance experts from across the globe”. This clearly demonstrates lack of understanding or avoidance to answer the question which further raises suspicion linked to the organisation.

Pricing for assignments
Study bay charges $14 per page for Masters level research papers which is among the lowest prices offered for master’s level assignment writing. This is among one of the only attractions linked to the service but when considered from a different perspective, the quality of the assignment quickly raises questions since master level experts from reputed services tend to charge considerably higher rates due to their expertise level. Highly experienced and qualified experts tend to charge higher fees for the services which raise questions linked to the assignments quality based on the low prices study bay charges for Masters level assignments. There has also been many complaints linked to study bay having many hidden charges, which places additional financial pressure on the student.

Unclear QA policy and implementation procedures
In order to score a high grade, students must place assignment orders with assignment writing services which have a strict quality control policy and qualified personnel in place. Despite having a policy which discusses quality control, Essay Bay lacks the desired mechanism to review or assess assignments requirements and quality. This conclusion was made after contacting the customer support who redirected us to place an assignment order without checking the files. We went on to place a large word count order with a 48-hour deadline to test quality. The quality delivered was very poor and on consulting the customer support they immediately responded as follows, “we do not have in-house experts to prepare assignment and outsource all tasks from freelancers”. This was surprising since we have been consulting other assignment writing firms regarding the same but none has responded in this manner with most showing concern and promising to look into the matter and make amendments immediately. Besides a breach in quality control, this also clearly demonstrates the organizations lack of subject matter experts stationed at the support portal, resulting in the customer support failing to understand or connect with the client’s needs or concerns.

What we found
Our investigations and reviews have revealed essay bay is not at all what is portrayed on the internet and has been ranked as being among the poorest assignment writing service provider by our team. A lack of an in-house team of subject matter experts, the lack of quality control, more focus on assignment sales and extremely poor customer support places this assignment service at below recommendation level. We undertake both personalized reviews and consult independent sources to identify specific information linked to each company so as to help guide students to select and hire the best service.