Australian students are well aware of My Assignment help. The organization was set up in 2009 and claims to have over 4975 writers, Serving 17 nations. This may sound enticing to students who are in a hurry to complete their assignment but digging slightly deeper will reveal some serious flaws linked to this claim. The first flaw linked to this organization is its claim of having a headquarter located in Australia, closer research reveals my assignments help may have an office in Australia for formality reasons but the headquarters and operations are actually located in India. The pricing claim of $9 is another eye opener since many students claim this to be misleading information aimed to trap the students. Investigations have clearly shown the assignment prices are considerably higher and start from $15 per page with multiple hidden costs associated with assignment preparation. The Unlimited rework claim is the point which has frustrated many students leading to disputes. This is because the number of reworks is limited after which students are expected to make additional payment for rework to be done.

Below are some Areas of concern linked to my assignment help

Low-Quality assignments
The main concern raised by Students is the quality of the assignments being prepared. The assignments lack critical thinking and relevancy with more emphasis being placed on grammar. This leads to incorrect assignments which score low grades and have led to many students being sighted for academic misconduct leading to expulsion and deportation. This is due to fluent yet irrelevant assignments being submitted by international students who lack strong English, which attracts suspicion.

My assignment help Never provides 100% refund
Most assignment help services do have a refund policy in place with relation to late deliveries and failed assignment but similar to most policies, students never read the fine print which hides serious refund guidelines which students miss. Once the students make a payment you will not receive a 100% refund with the majority of refunds limited to 50% or less of the amount. The claims are reviewed by a panel assigned by my assignment help which sees the majority of claimed being ruled in favor of my assignment help and students never receiving refunds for their claims.

Threaten students to expose their identity
My assignment help utilizes PayPal for their payment due to it being a secure payment gateway. PayPal also offers the student the option to file a dispute on payment if required. While this is meant to be a measure used to protect the student, many student reviews claim the company representative threaten to expose their personal information to their universities if the PayPal disputes are not cancelled. Faced with the risk of losing personal information, most students back off and forfeited their refund claims to prevent exposure and academic misconduct disciplinary action.

Questionable recruitment and quality control approach
4975 experts is a staggering number of academic experts to manage. Recruiting and managing them requires a proper management system and discussions with former employees and experts reveal My assignment help has a shoddy recruitment approach which does not focus on reviewing the expert’s qualifications and knowledge and mainly focuses on the grammar and sentence formation. This recruitment method leads to My Assignment help lacking the technical expertise and knowledge to handle technical assignments which remain unattended by the quality control team. This leads to experts also giving my assignment help a low rating due to the difficulties and canceled assignment orders which the organization quality control team is unable to review and establish their relevancy.

24/7 Support
While there are some negative points highlighted with regards to my assignment helps operation from both the student and experts, there are some positive points which were also highlighted. Most stakeholders were happy with the support facility. Both student and experts were able to connect almost instantly with the admin for clarification regarding the assignments. This was highlighted as being a positive point as it helped reduce the amount of time consumed preparing the assignment, making amendments or get clarification regarding the deliverables.

What we found
The claims are correct! To confirm this we placed a technical assignment order to develop a simple android application with a 7 day deadline and returned to make small changes 2 days later when we were presented with an additional 50% bill! The application has a java code syntax issue and after requesting for a refund, our claim was rejected. We went on to file a refund claim with PayPal and sure enough we received a call back within 6 hours. At first, the representative attempted to convince us to recall the PayPal claim but soon enough he began threatening to expose our identity to the university and professor if the disputed claim was not recalled. These remains as being the main concern each student must be aware of while considering my assignment help. There is a risk of your personal information being shared with the university admin and you being linked to serious academic misconduct issues.