Instant assignment help is definitely a small fish in the industry leading to serious complications meeting customer expectations. This assignment help service struck our attention due to the overwhelming number of negative reviews and comments left by students leading our undercover team to review the service to determine certain factors and offer important guidance to students. As suspected the company lacks a professional administration team to handle its operations and likely to be a small team distributing assignments to freelance experts leading to serious quality breaches.

Ex-Employees describe how the company’s operations department is run via Gmail between the admin and freelance writers of whom in most situations no quality checks and the background is performed leading to serious quality concerns. With little to No information linked to instant assignment helps background, it is difficult to determine mother and sister websites and companies but our investigation indicates the company is based in India. This conclusion was reached after reviewing the chat history held between our undercover agent and the support team where it was apparent the support executive was confused over the use of v and w which is a common mistake observed within the Indian population. The executive also failed to use nouns correctly which is a tell-tale sign, but the final confirmation was made with the following line of content (7,32,863+ projects completed – home page) only companies in India format numeric digits in this format 7,32,863+, whereas the international format is 732,863+.

Our undercover agent’s revelation
With considerable hue and cry linked to instant assignment help service delivery, we attempted making contact with the assignment writing service via call and over the chat portal. We prefer using the chat portal as it allows us to document the communication. Our undercover agent would begin by asking if they are capable of preparing assignment that lacked English fluency as he was an Indian student. The response was yes we can deliver an assignment which scores low grades. Well, this was not what we meant, yet the support executive clearly misunderstood our requirement. Fluency and relevancy are two separate entities with fluency being related to the flow of language and grammar whereas relevancy being related to how relevant the assignment is to the requirement. We would then go ahead to ask if the company is based and located in India and this would attract immediate denial with the executive claiming “all writers are from the USA and UK”. Again the question was missed and the executive was clearly getting nervous and unable to respond confidently. We would proceed to ask how you will get our assignment done by an expert with Indian fluency as you only have US and UK writers. This would result in the executive immediately disconnecting the chat.

Our Initial Feedback
Instant assignment help consists of a support team which lacks the training to communicate effectively with the client. The administration has obviously trained the personnel to claim they are based abroad but lack the training to support arguments linked to their presence and location in India. India has grown to be the largest assignment help destination globally due to the strict English training guidelines followed in the nation but many service providers continue hiding their location. Similar to IT, SEO and other sectors, India hosts some of the largest assignment help companies globally which deliver high-quality assignments well above service providers located in the US and Europe. With the company’s background having been identified, the admin should take time to groom the support team regarding how to respond to such claims to limit the amount of negative sentiment. Simply ignoring or disconnecting chat does not justify the country is qualified to handle clients from any company and a mentality which is likely to be the reason the company is delivering low-quality assignments as they simply opt to deny and avoid questioning and escalations.

Ph.D. Subject Matter Experts
Instant assignment help claims to have highly qualified Ph.D. experts but student reviews contradict this claim. We would go on to place a dummy Ph.D. assignment order to review the quality which would deliver a rude shock on delivery. Our instructions clearly insisted on having the assignment done by a Ph.D. expert but the assignment was prepared by a writer who lacked the experience, knowledge and background education in the subject. The task was related to construction technology but the delivered assignment lacked any evidence demonstrating it was prepared by an expert with any background in civil engineering. Neither civil engineering nor construction technology terminologies where present on the report and the assignment lacked coherence nor relevancy linked to the topic yet we were charged US$15 per page.

Flexible quality Parameters
Pay more and get higher quality assignments is the companies agenda, but this is the wrong approach and clearly indicates the organization lack focus on assignment quality. While placing orders at instant assignment help, the client is requested to select between Guaranteed 1st class, Guaranteed 2-1 Standard and Guaranteed 2-2 Standard. These are different assignment quality which the client can select with the higher quality tasks costing more than the pass quality. While this feature allows students with lower budgets to place lower quality orders, it breached quality control ethics why allowing the assignment writing service to prepare and pass low-quality assignments which is a direct violation of quality control parameters.

Hidden Costs
After placing the dummy assignment order to test the student claims, we would continue to counter check a claim by many students linked to hidden costs charged after placing assignment orders. Once the assignment was delivered we requested for some rework to be made on the assignment and this automatically resulted in us being charged extra for the amendments. The rework was a missed requirement but the assignment service justified their quality and refused to make amendments without further payment. We would then attempt the claim a refund which would also go horribly wrong since they quickly brought to light that refunds can only be processed after the assignment is submitted and registered a failed grade. This is a serious concern which requires highlighting since it is a disastrous policy which prevents the student from claiming a refund unless they submit the solution. For students who counter check and identify a major issue before submission, it is not possible to claim a refund since the company only processes refund for failed claims. This means if the assignment is poor, you can forget the refund since it’s only possible to get refund after you fail.

What we found
Instant assignment help has developed a very poor reputation among clients who continue to post negative reviews and comments related to the company. The company claims to be based in Cardiff, UK but evidence shows the organization is based in India. The quality of assignments delivered to clients is well below industry standards and the company has worked hard to conceal its background, which can also be an indication this is a small self-funded establishment with no large organizations funding or sponsoring its operations. Well established Assignment services companies will in most situation fight to protect their reputation by providing proof of their location and respond to speculations, /instant assignment help continues to ignore client concerns demonstrating a lack of interest towards client’s interest.