Australia is the largest academic assignment market and this has led to many assignment help companies claiming to be established in Australia to trap students. Essay Roo is no exception except for the fact that the consistent delivery of bad quality and the unsatisfied customer has led to exposing the company is not based nor has no office in Australia. While this revelation was only made during the past 18 months, the company continues to enjoy consistent traffic from a student that fail to perform background checks and depend on historical events. The website does not list details linked to the number of experts available but does claim all their experts have Ph.D. qualification. The price charged for assignments is well over the market price with masters level papers with a 24-hour deadline attracting a price of 55$ per page. Similar to most other assignment writing companies, it only claims to be located in Australia, but physically visiting the premises reveals the company never existed at the location. This has resulted in Essay Roos location also being deleted on Google maps due to complaints from clients who visited their office but found no office in existence. With considerable controversy linked to this service provider, we mobilized a ground undercover team to follow up and verify the claims before we made any further revelations. We began by contacting the chat support which was considerably helpful as the company has been experiencing serious complications in recent months. The customer support would help share considerable important information from which we were able to determine some important facts that the public should be educated regarding to help them make the right choice.

Below are some Areas of concern while dealing with Essay Roo

Essay Roo is not based in Australia
After our ground team confirmed the company was no longer at the location, we would go ahead to contact them via Chat to confirm some details and the customer support representative was very helpful. They answered all our question clearly and did not hesitate to respond to the review and investigation thus helping reviewal important information linked to the company. According to the customer support, essay roo has moved its operations from Australia to Cyprus to help cut its operating costs. This is perfectly understandable but there are certain other details that do not make sense such as the company’s failure to update its current location and phone number. Essay roo is using an Australia number despite not being based in Australia which is a serious concern linked to the brand’s operations. Clients must, therefore, be informed that essay roo does not have any further operations in Australia thus clients must be aware regarding this fact.

Low-Quality assignments
Another concern that has been highlighted by the customer has been the company’s inability to deliver masters and doctorate level assignments. This was verified by placing a project management assignment with Essay too which would then be used to determine quality. To eliminate the possibility of a single assignment being low quality, we requested for 4 copies of the same assignment to be prepared and gave clear instructions that the content should not be plagiarized or duplicated. This would deliver more clarity linked to the assignment quality thus allowing us to prepare a transparent review linked to the assignments quality. The quality of the assignments delivered was below standard with the main problem being the content was paraphrased from existing content which led to plagiarized content. The essay roo admin shared the plagiarism reports which displayed 0% plagiarism but our report displayed over 40% similarity on the assignments. This is a major concern as it can easily result in the student being sighted for collusion. This clearly demonstrates the company lacks a strong quality control department resulting in low-quality assignments being delivered without the organization administration being able to determine and monitor the quality breach. Quality control directly influences the quality of assignments delivered and failure to have a good quality control will automatically result in the assignments failing.

Unclear and misleading refund policy
Similar to most other assignment writing companies, the refund policy is misleading and has many hidden quotes which only surface after refund claims have been made. While customers are promised a 100% refund for unallocated or failed orders, the actual maximum refund you can expect from an order at essay roo is 50%. This theory was also tested with the same orders placed where we attempted to cancel one order just 20 minutes after placing the order but the admin claimed all orders were already allocated. This also raised another concern linked to quality since this was not adequate time to review the requirement file! So who exactly was assigned the task and did they even check the requirements or was it just a strategy to keep our money and avoid refund? We would go ahead to claim the assignments are very poor and share clear feedback but the refund claim was shunned claiming refund was only possible on unassigned, missed deadline and failed assignments. This places the student in a compromising situation since the refund policy is shrouded by an unclear policy which results in hiding details from the student and misleading them.

Questionable recruitment and quality control approach
After receiving the assignments, it was clear the assignment quality was below expectation based on the price and claims made by the organization. This directly resulted in a red flag being raised by the undercover team related to the recruitment and quality control processes which attracted a further investigation. The team had already placed four project management orders at essay zoo and now it was time to test their quality. We clearly instructed them to avoid replication the assignments but shared assignments which registered a high percentage of similarity. When we raised the concern they sent up plagiarism report with zero plagiarism and denied to consider our claim. This was what we were looking for since it clearly demonstrated the quality control department did not have the mechanism or knowledge to compare the assignments and determine they were similar. There was also the question raised regarding the language used on the assignments. Initially, we were assured the experts preparing assignments where from Anglo Saxon countries but it was clear the assignments were prepared by export from Asia. We would further investigate the concern where we would find multiplex employee reviews which state the expert selection process and location from which most experts are hired.

Outstanding Customer Support
We specialize in contacting company representatives via customer support as this is where most companies are venerable and unprepared to deal with investigations. While most assignment help services will attempt to deny and even disconnect chat when asked regarding the background, essay roo was different and actually was very helpful towards answering questions we asked. The reason behind this may be due to the increasing number of escalations raised against the business which may have prompted the essay zoo administration to respond to queries with the hope of maintaining the brand’s reputation. The overall experience for the customer support was great and above most other assignment helps services.

What we found
Essay Roo is overpriced and likely to be losing a vast number of clients due to the price tag for assignments. With a price of 55 USD per page, they are priced over 3 times higher than other top-rated assignment writing services who deliver similar assignment quality. Essay roos public relations and marketing have not acted effectively towards addressing consumer needs which have resulted in the brand’s reputation depreciating. The company should have focused its attention on educating the public regarding its decisions to avoid attracting speculations. On the other hand, essay roo has also failed to address student concerns linked to assignment quality which has stirred outrage among students who have raised negative comments linked to the assignments. Essay roo may have been able to deliver higher quality assignments back in the day but the establishment of new assignment writing services deliver higher quality facilities and assignments which ensures every students scores the highest possible grade.