Edubirdie is a well renowned essay writing and help service which has tapped in to the majority of international markets. Edubirdie is owned by BOOSTA ( a Ukrainian Company that develops software applications. The company has also diversified its operations to cater to the education industry and has 3 well established homework help websites namely,, The company has registered huge growth in the past due to monopolizing the market but with more assignment help service providers being established; new insight is being revealed about Edubirdie’s location, operations, staff and experts preparing the assignment. Despite of being considered as being among the best assignment writing service providers, Edubirdie is quickly losing its reputation in the market due to startling revelations being uprooted by former staff members, clients and researchers. Similar to other assignment writing services, little to no background information linked to the company has been shared making it practically impossible to locate facts from the company’s website. This makes it imperative to refer to independent review websites which provide important clues which can be used to perform further investigations.

Our undercover agent’s revelation
Having identified that Edubirdie is owned by BOOSTA ( and has two sister sites, our undercover agent decided to first interrogate Edubirdie personnel regarding the companies background, mother and sister companies. This would help reveal whether the company was prepared to reveal their relationship with the given companies of deny the fact which would help establish the course for which further investigations would be planned. As suspected, Edubirdie personnel denied any relationship with, and when asked regarding BOOSTA (, the staff would simply hang up the call or disconnect. This would be the final confirmation we required to undertake a formal investigation before preparing a genuine review linked to Edubirdie.

Our Initial Feedback
Edubirdie has denied a fact researchers have identified regarding the companies background proving the company’s owners and management clearly have something to hide. The company staff has been trained to deny and sever communication with any individual seeking information further raising suspicion. We have conducted further investigation linked to the companies PHD Experts and identified serious discrepancies with these details as well, clearly allowing us to raise a RED flag regarding this companies operations.

PHD Subject Matter Experts
Edubirdie claims that each of their subject matter experts is highly qualified and experienced. This is a claim most assignment writing services make but Edubirdie presentation of facts has contradicted the quality control parameters leading to serious speculations and question raised to the company’s expert’s whereabouts. Our investigations have identified Edubirdie acts as the client portal while Edusson is the company’s expert interface. By separating the two portals, the public and clients can not directly associate or link the companies thus helping prevent the client and experts from clashing. This is a strategy which has also been used by another prominent assignment writing service My Assignment help which is the client interface where as its Tutor interface is Nerdy Tutlez. Armed with this information it soon becomes clear where the company’s expertise work from by simply checking Edusson traffic statistics. This confirms the location from where experts visit and log on to the website with the vast majority of experts visiting Edusson from Kenya (46%), United States (10%) and India 9.0%. India and Kenya also tend to be the largest markets to hire Academic subject matter experts which clearly indicates Edubirdie assignments are prepared mostly by Kenyan and Indian Experts thus directly contradicting the companies claim to hire only experts from Europe and the Americas.

Assignment writing Service Pricing
The price charged for assignments is considered as being fair by most students since it’s not over or under priced. This helps Edubirdie tap in to a large number of clients who prefer hiring assignment writing services which are fairly priced. Offering affordable assignment to students is an important aspect linked to meeting client satisfaction but at the same time, it also acts as a perfect indicator of the quality of assignments being delivered. Edubirdies’ homework help pricing falls within the perfect price range allowing for the quality of assignments being delivered to be classified as good.

Fixed quality
An important and impressive feature observed on the Edubirdie website is their fixed quality assignment preparation policy. This is a feature only few assignment writing services offer and a direct indication linked to the service provider’s focus towards delivering high quality assignments. Through our research and investigation, we have determined assignment writing services which maintain fixed quality control parameters deliver higher quality assignments which will score higher grades. This is due to the service maintaining and following only a single quality parameter which does not hamper overall assignment quality.

Hidden Costs
While selecting a service provider it is important to hire a service that is transparent. Transparency also falls under accurate deliveries, meeting deadlines and maintaining a fixed agreed cost. Hiking assignment writing costs by adding hidden costs and taxation without informing the student only results n frustrating the client who may have limited their budget. The hidden costs should be discussed with the clients before placing the order to avoid last moment shocks. Edubirdie has been identified to have a tendency to surface hidden costs after the assignment orders are placed and especially when students seek amendments. Whether the amendments are missed requirements or, additional requirements, Edubirdie will in most situations add the cost to the client’s bill. Assignments are also not released until full and final payment is released.

Great support
Edubirdie offers high quality support to its clients. We conducted multiple tests at different hours of the Day and determined the support staff would respond to the chat and call within a minute. They also have a well-developed client portal interface which allows the student to use multiple communication medium to reach admin.

Slow Turnaround Time
Another negative aspect linked to Edubirdie is its slow turnaround time. Edubirdie require a minimum of 3 days to complete a task which results in the service not being able to assist clients on an urgent deadline. This results in clients with urgent tasks not being able to depend on Edubirdie to prepare and deliver an assignment within a 24-48 hour deadline. This is due to Edubirdie lacking an in-house team of subject matter experts leaving them dependent on freelance experts to prepare the assignments.

Not favorable for international students
The vast majority of individuals seeking assignment writing are international students and this is due to them lacking the research and writing skills required to prepare high quality assignments. But at the same time it’s the assignment writing services responsibility to first evaluate the student’s level before having assignment prepared. Edubirdie assigns all orders to fluent experts which results in the assignment exhibiting flawless English which is a drawback for international student since many have limited English speaking and writing skills. This has resulted in many international students being associated to academic misconduct due to presenting flawless English on assignment while they are unable to speak or write English clearly. Another concern has been highlighted with regards to duplicate assignments, where it is common to find students raise quality concerns and complaints after multiple assignment copies register high similarity, indicating a poor quality control mechanism at Edubirdie.

What we found
Edubirdie may be considered as being among the top assignment writing services in the past, but the organization is losing its grip on quality as more competitors enter the industry. New entrants are utilizing transparency and delivering high quality which is helping them win consumer interest and trust. Edubirdie continues denying information linked to its association with other assignment writing websites. When contacted regarding the companies associations and headquarter location the admin denied to comment which raises suspicion regarding the company’s transparency to the clients. With lack of clarity and transparency, it can be concluded that students need to review and consider placing orders with alternative websites which offer higher quality assignments.