Any legitimate business will understand the importance of Transparency and customer satisfaction. Transparency has grown to become the fundamental cornerstone of every business and being able to educate consumers regarding a company’s performance and reputation also outlines a reviewing services reputation. This week we have taken time to review all assignment help to determine the company’s operations and other intricate details that can help guide clients to making the right choices. Sadly this company has failed on multiple fronts making it even more important to publish this review to help educate customers linked to the risks involved with consulting this service. The first test we performed is locating the where about of the company which we did by analyzing the traffic leading to the website which helps determine the domain location and where most traffic logs on to the website. Being an admin and client portal, 41.3% of the traffic comes from India with the UK and Australia accounting for approximately 17% (8.5% each) and Pakistan accounting for 6% of the traffic. All assignment help charges a nominal price of just 9$ per page for report writing which is well below the recommended market price thus indicating a problem with the quality of the assignments. Another suspicious concern is linked to the company claiming to be a have highly qualified Ph.D. experts only from Anglo-Saxon countries yet the majority of its traffic comes from Asia. With several flags raised by clients, we began by attempting to contact support via their chat support facility but the request went answers leading us to disconnect the live chat after waiting 30 minutes online. No one responded. The second try resulted in an Alvin Nash connecting and discussing the task details and we began by immediately asking him regarding the company and its location, traffic statistics, and other details. As expected the support team would deny the information and disconnect the chat support which clearly indicated the company has something to hide. This is a major concern as it clearly indicates the lack of transparency by this organization which makes it even more important to review the company history and reputation.

All Assignment help is not based in Australia
Similar to the vast majority of assignment writing services, all assignment help is also not based or located in neither Australia nor the UK as claimed. This was verified by tracking the companies IP address which was concealed behind a powerful VPN to mimic its location as being from the UK but the IP keeps changing thus indicating the company is using a VPN to hide its location. With little corporation from the company, our undercover agents would launch an investigation to determine the location of the company and more importantly the location they hire experts as this is an important factor influencing the quality of assignments being delivered. This was achieved by approaching the company and placing an order which would be used to determine the company’s intention and ability to deliver high quality as well as its focus towards meeting customer expectations. We began by requesting for information regarding the company’s writers and were informed they only hire UK and US-based Ph.D. experts. Our agenda would then move on to inform the all assignment help executive she is an Indian student with poor English language skills thus does not need high fi English and immediately they would agree to assign the task to an Indian based expert. This would be the first key component linked to the investigation which would lead us to prepare a highly controversial review on All Assignment help.

Assignments below Academic standards
With many students complaining regarding the quality of assignments being delivered, our team moved to place three orders for human resource management. The tasks required for the expert to refer to an annotated bibliography for which we have received approval from the tutor to be used to prepare a detailed report related to the subject. Clear instruction where issued not to replicate the solutions and ensure each solution was prepared using the bibliography as a foundation content. This was a perfect task to test the quality being delivered as it consisted of multiple quality components which could be evaluated to determine the experts understanding and more importantly the company’s intent. A week later we received a call from the Administration requesting for the balance to be cleared before the solution could be released. We attempted requesting for a partial solution to review but the request was declined. We, therefore made the full payment for a single assignment to assess the quality which was quite shocking. First and foremost the expert did not refer to the annotated bibliography and had prepared the solution without even checking the sources which led to a highly generic solution being prepared. The annotated sources were related to different aspects linked to employee retention strategies used by different companies from across the globe. The main reason was that this would deliver a global perspective linked to the employee retention strategies from a global perspective. The solution was incorrect as it did not include any specific information of data resulting in the assignment falling below academic grade level.

Lack of a refund policy
Unlike most other assignment writing services, all assignment help lacks a refund policy altogether. This is a major concern since students expect to receive refunds for failed, low quality and late assignments. All assignment help does not have any refund policy in place which results in the students failing to receive any refund on any orders due to the lack of an effective policy. The organization does not consider the students perspective and for students who fail to request to review the refund policy, they are likely to receive a rude shock after delivery and full payment of the assignment.

Lacks high-quality control protocol
Assignment preparation requires for high the task to be reviewed very carefully to determine the precise requirement deliverables based on which the assignments need to be prepared. This makes it important for every assignment to be reviewed by a quality control team before being shared with the student. This is a major concern especially for companies which depend on freelance experts to prepare the tasks. Our team contacted total assignment help and were able to determine the company depends on freelance experts hired from across the globe. Through experience we know freelance experts fail to focus on assignment quality thus it’s imperative for assignment writing services depending on freelancers to prepare assignments to be prepared to check the assignment quality manually. Without a quality control team in place, the organization is likely to deliver assignments with serious quality. This is the situation happening at all assignment help whereby assignments are simply being passed on to the student and the company does not invest any time to monitor quality control leading to serious quality breaches on assignments being delivered to clients who place orders at all assignment help.

Average Customer Support Service
The customer support service for any company is the most important service provider making it important for them to review and understand client needs before responding. This is a major weakness linked to all assignment helps customer service where the organization fails to respond to customer needs especially when concerns linked to assignment quality or grievances are involved. The staff handling the customer support only focuses on convincing the customer to place an order and make a payment with them sending order placement and payment linked while on chat as opposed to understanding the customer’s needs.

What we found
All assignment help is not like any other company and this assignment writing help service fails to have an organized management process. Most other assignment writing services have invested to develop departments that focus on specific aspects of the business like sales, marketing, quality control, and others and will have customer oriented policies in place. all assignment help fails to meet most of the criteria which result in students experiencing serious quality issues after placing orders with this organization due to the lack of professionalism.